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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Still Remains to Reunite

It seems as though metalcore pioneers Still Remains have gotten back together for... well... "x" amount of time. It is unsure whether or not this change will be permanent or just for the last tour of Haste The Day. The best part about this is that they have gotten back together with a majority of the line- up from their best album, Of Love and Lunacy. I personally hope they can throw another great album together. They are one of the few gateway bands who got me into any sort of heavy music.


To anyone who had even looked at this damned thing so far, thank you and merry Christmas. Have a brutal one.

Figured it might be relevant to mention that Emmure has finished their new album, and it will be released in February. Hoping it isn't really awful because I loved The Respect Issue and Goodbye To The Gallows. Felony definitely wasn't the best on album, but they are pretty sick. I feel like trying to rap was a bad idea.

Happy holidays!