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Friday, April 29, 2011

Jonny Craig Kicked Out Of Emarosa

Sort of old, but it seems as though not many people know. Jonny Craig has officially been ousted from post- hardcore band Emarosa. When asked about it, the band had this to say:

"As of today, Jonny Craig is no longer a member of Emarosa. This decision has been a hard one to make, but we feel it is in the best interest for the band going forward."

To which Craig replied with:

"I got no hard feelings to any of the dudes in Emarosa I am more than happy to be with Dance Gavin Dance and working on my solo shit. Hope they can keep up."

Seems as though they couldn't handle the fact that he was doing heavy drugs and tricking people into buying macbooks from him. At least he went to rehab.