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Friday, March 25, 2011

New Periphery Song

Progressive metal/ djent/ shredcore band Periphery has released a new song. This track "Frak the Gods" is going to be put out on their forthcoming ep Icarus EP. I am not gonna lie to you, this track is beyond sick. It far surpasses anything else on their first full length put out by Sumerian. Great production, amazing vocals, and as always, Bulb never fails to deliver some crazy guitar work. Here is the link to the Metalsucks post with the song in it. Happy listening!

I Killed the Prom Queen Is Back!

One of the most essential metalcore bands in the past decade is Australia's own, I Killed The Prom Queen, has been slated for it's return. I am personally fucking (pardon my language) STOKED. This band has been a part of my music collection for some time now, and I had discovered them at the time just before they broke up. Of course I was a bit of a sceenie- weenie in this stage ugh... So I did not exactly appreciate them the way they deserved, but now I can't go a week without listening to some of their better songs.

They announced officially on their Facebook that they were to return. According to various internet sources, it has been found that Jona (guitar) will be doubling shows with previously posted band, Bring Me The Horizon, as will JJ Peters (Drums) with his hardcore band Deez Nuts. No original vocalist would come back so they decided to pick up the vocalist of Geelong's deathcore band, The Red Shore. Go ahead and take a look at this post in the Wiki article.

"On 9 March 2011, the band announced an Australian reunion tour with The Amity Affliction, Deez Nuts, and Of Mice & Men as part of the Destroy Music Tour in May 2011. It was confirmed that Butcher and Crafter will not return as vocalists.
On 10 March 2011, it was confirmed that Jamie Hope (ex-The Red Shore) will be taking over lead vocals for the tour. It was confirmed via the bands official facebook page this re-formation and line-up is permanent, and not just for one tour. Guitarist Jona Weinhofen has confirmed the same day that he is not planning to leave his other band Bring Me the Horizon and that he will remain in both bands."