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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some Non- sense

Sorry for the sporadic updating everyone. I have just been so busy with life OUTSIDE OF THE INTERNET. What blasphemy, right? Anyway. I manage to catch part of Greeley Estates at a show last night. They were alright but I ended up leaving because a few friends and I opted to go to Ihop instead. They weren't playing so well anyway.

A Great Suggestion: Do not, and I repeat do not dance in pac- sun jeans. I was dancing for a friends local band, and went to do a mule- kick. The next thing I heard was an awful ripping noise and I felt like I needed a musical number like in Spongebob. Cuz nobody ever wants to dance with the fool who went and... ripped his pants... It split down the leg all the way to my knee, and also right near my crotch. Not fun America, Not fun.