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-Video Of The Week-

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Emmure Single

...-Core (as to not start fights) band Emmure has released a new single, and I am not gonna lie. I am really stoked on it. It took what I liked about The Respect Issue and Goodbye To The Gallows, and put it into this song. Their new album comes out relatively soon. I would buy it if I were you. It is gonna be sweet. Do it. NOW. DOOOOOOO IT. Anyway, heres the song...

So Very Sick...

So everyone, I am very sorry I have not been posting so very often as of late...
For all 8 of you who care... I am pretty sick right now. It blows
MOVING ON. Exciting shit happening. I am going to make up for those missed few days by making some posts RIIIIGHT NAO on everything I should have before.
Reading them would be greatly appreciated.