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-Video Of The Week-

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Bring Me The Horizon Video...

Not many people liked this band passed when they were deathcore. I mean let's face it, as our musical tastes evolved, BMTH fell way behind. I personally have always thought they were pretty catchy, minus the whole "we are big rockstars now, so we get to act like douchebags" thing. Well their new songs have legitimately gotten well... Good. It may be hard to believe, but I can already see why. Since his departure from Australia's I Killed The Prom Queen, I have always enjoyed the works of Mr. Jona Weinhofen. He is a great guitarist. He brought a lot to the table for Bleeding Through (wow there are a lot of name drops in this post), and now is bringing that creativity to BMTH. Upon first hearing their new single, I could not believe that the band who had previously written an album full of Bury Your Dead and UnderOATH (more name drops, yay!) rip- offs was so good. Then I remembered why. Good luck Jona, you need it. ANYWAY, back to the news. There isn't much to say. Good song, decent video. Here ya go viewers.